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MAPLE, B-Quality (Acer pseudoplatanus)

2,50 - 4,00 m length, 52 or 65 mm thick

for EUR 777,- /m³


As long as stock is available.

B-Quality: Cracks or small branch holes could appear

Perfect for carpenders, furniture and home hobby projects.

Your contact: Torben Pralow, Tel.: 040 766 23 515



RED OAK for EUR 750,- /m³

2,50 - 4,00 m length, 26,35, 52, 65 mm thick

for EUR 750,- /m³


valid from 01.08.2018 to 01.10.2018, as long as stock is available.

Perfect for carpenders, furniture and home hobby projects.

Your contact: Torben Pralow, Tel.: 040 766 23 515


OPEN HOUSE 02/06/18

On saturday, 2nd june 2018, from 09.00 AM to 16.00 PM

Turned pieces, knifes, bows, wood toys, pens and sculptures. Experts will show you a lot of tricks and grips you can use at home for your project. They will use a huge choice of different timbers.

We look forward to your visit!


New exhibitionists are presenting their creative woodworks:


Kurt Lotzen - wooden toy maker of the star alley

Butterflies, wooden toys and more. Kurt Lotzen as a former co-worker supports the star alley "Sternengasse" with many wonderful drafts

Kurt Lotzen on ARD Mediathek: Der "Ideenhaber" Kurt Lotzen



Norbert Zeplien - stylish writing instruments

Wooden pens at its best



Sculptress & Sculptors & Woodcarvers - Students of The Technical College Flensburg, 

Regional VET Centre, Eckener School, Germany

- LIVE WOOD CARVING - Students in action! Visitors are welcome to participate!




Dr. Noldt – Holzschädlinge

Wood worm and pest expert. Dr. Noldt shows many exhibits of his collection.



Frank Jürgens, knife maker

Finest handmade knifes and more



The German Woodturning Forum

Forum members will come together on a large stand. New turning objects will be presented. Newcomers are welcome!



R. Stanley, designer of furniture + sculpts

Handmade unique furnitures and scluptures, cube patterns and much more



Thies Köhn and Hermann Borghardt, bows & knifes

Handmade classical bows, arrows and knifes



Werner Wolfrum - Maderas Drechseltechnik

Turning machines, tools and accessories


Marcus Bickhardt from Uelzen – chainsaw artist

Live chain saw carving with sculptor Marcus. Chainsaw art at its best


Michail Schütte - historic woodturning

Greenwoodwork and Pole-lathe turning (historic technic)


Jörg Gesell - Capricorno - Naturhaus Vertrieb

Surface finishing with oil and wax



Carpenters Master School, an institution of Elbcampus Chamber of Crafts 

and the Carpenters Guild, Hamburg

Frank Behrens directs the Master School in Hamburg and he will provide information to this craftmanship and the necessary training, cources at school and more 




Priv. Doz. Dr. habil. Gerald Koch - Thünen Institut

Wood identification and more. Scientific supervision of the wood collections at the Thünen Institute. Macroscopic and microscopic determination of internationally traded woods.



'Katja Gobrecht - My favorite board "Lieblingsbrett''

Cutting boards and more



Mario Marquardt, leather crafts

Working with leather, leather embossing tools and wheels



Pytha Lab GmbH

3D-CAD for planning, presentation and production. The Phyta team is looking forward to interested visitors!


Heiko Rockel

Schreibgeräte aus Holz mit Geschichte


TdoT 2018 Einladung Mailversand.pdf
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TABLETOP DAY  2nd march 2018

Build your own table from raw tabletops:

Designer tables, dining tables, side tables. Choose  between massive plates and tree slabs from slowly, straight grown trees with burl, fiddleback or rustic structures.


We look forward to your visit!

Großmoorring 10, 21079 Hamburg



Since 1st of November 2017 we have a new team member: Thomas Riepen is our new employer in our warehouse shop. 

We look forward to work with such a friendly and open new colleague.



Structured - modern - clear.

In our new online shop we show you our huge assortment from exotic and rare wood species. Hobby and professional wood turners, music instrument builders, carpenters, knife- and bow builders and wood lovers will find the perfect wood for any purpose.