Botanical name: Guaiacum sanctum, coulteri, officinale

Origin: Central America

After several years of work together with our Mexican partners, we have managed to offer Lignum Vitae again.

This wood is characterized by high oil content and enormous mechanical strength, which makes it a valuable raw material not only in woodturning and art, but also in the industry.
Lignum Vitae is used in industry for the construction of shaft bearings, (e.g. in water power and wind power), for sliding blocks or also for plane soles.
Due to its high oil content, Lignum Vitae has a lubricating effect, contact materials do not need to be externally supplied with lubricant, because the oil of the wood by itself ensures low friction.


We can offer Lignum Vitae as round logs in various sizes. Blocks, scantlings or other cuts can be produced on request.
The wood is unique, no other material has these properties!

Lignum Vitae is protected by CITES, if you want to learn more about that click here.


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