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Shipping documents

Before contract conclusion the participants should clarify some basic formalities. 

For national trade invoice and delivery order are usually sufficient. The rules for the trade within the EU are simple also (VAT No, Intrastat, carrier certificate, transport document). The trade with countries outside the EU is a little more complicate and sometimes even impossible. For these exports a lot of additional shipping documents might be necessary according to the import regulations of the country of destination: Contract, detailed Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, preferential Certificate (ATR, EUR1), Phytosanitary Certificate, Fumigation Certificate, Waybill (CMR, AirWaybill, Bill of Lading), Export Permit or Import Permit, ATLAS Declaration (customs export declaration with barcode), consular legalization, statements, certificates and insurance policy, CITES export and import permits etc.


Wood packing material regulations

If for cross-border shipments wood packaging is provided, certified wood packing material must be used. This applies to all the packing material that are made of solid wood. Packaging material for example particle board, pressedwood or plywood pallets are not included (non-wood declaration). Solid wood packing material with a thickness under 6 mm need not be certified. Dunnage material, sticks in bundles and wood wedges are subject to the wood packaging regulations and must be treated and marked.  


Good preparation is helpful

Each shipment should be well prepared. This includes the gathering of many details, which are required for the booking of transport space or customs purposes. All information will be recorded in the shipping documents, so that each part can find any information easily. For example, the customs need basically all details regarding value, quantity (No of pieces, Gross / Net weight in kg and m³, etc.) an exact description, characteristics, identification features, botanical names, commodity codes (HS). 

The freight forwarder for transportation in particular, the package dimensions and weight, quantity, exact shipping address with phone / fax / email and some other details.


Lumber Stock list 10/2019
Bestandsliste Oktober 19 - EN.pdf
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Lumber delivery program
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Turning Wood Delivery Program 10/2019
Drechselflyer Web 10.19.pdf
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Dry Fruits Delivery Program 04/2019
Früchte Flyer 04_2019 web.pdf
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